Last update: 31 March, 2017

Registration of stay (‘zameldowanie’)


A ‘zameldowanie’ is local registration in your city or town. Keep in mind there are two types of registration: permanent (stałe) and temporary up to 5 years (czasowy). There’s also a temporary for less than three months.

Permanent or Temporary registration (zameldowanie)

Documents needed:

  • filled out application (available at the city hall)
  • permission from the owner
  • proof of residence at given location (e.g. rental agreement)
  • proof of de-registration from pervious flat (if any)
  • passport

Where to go: city hall Cost: none

Temporary registration (zameldowanie) for under 3 months

Documents needed:

  • filled out application with standard information
  • form of ID (e.g. passport)
  • owner of the locale (with proof of ownership)

The owner of the flat or house goes with you to the city hall and orally declares that you are registered there. You’ll have to repeat this every 3 months… or not. Depends if you need a residency card or not

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