Last update: 31 March, 2017

Nostrification of a diploma


Nostrification of diplomas is required for countries with which Poland has not signed bilateral agreements on recognition of diplomas and titles obtained abroad as equivalent to education acquired in Poland.

Nostrification (recognition) procedure:

The recognition of foreign university diplomas is conducted by councils of organizational units at Polish universities. The universities have to be entitled to grant PhDs in the field whose completion by the foreigner is confirmed by the diploma/degree obtained abroad.

An application should be submitted together with the following attachments to the chosen department/scientific council:

  • an original copy of the diploma obtained abroad ,

  • a copy of the school certificate on whose basis the applicant was accepted into the institution that issued the diploma to be nostrified,

  • a Curriculum Vitae written in Polish,

  • a declaration that the diploma obtained abroad has not undergone any recognition (nostrification) proceedings at another Polish university


The faculty council may also pass a resolution on the necessity of completing certain classes or passing specific examinations by the candidate.


Recognition proceedings are finished within three months of the day the candidate presents all of the necessary documents; in case the candidate must pass additional examinations, they are completed within one month of the day of the submission of documents confirming that fact.


If the application for nostrification is rejected, the applicant may appeal to the rector of the institution in question. There are no set deadlines for submission of such an appeal. 

In case of passing a resolution on recognition of the diploma, the relevant council issues a certificate confirming the equal status of the diploma obtained abroad with one obtained within the country.

Attention: Some of the academic titles acquired abroad cannot be nostrified in Poland. For example, a master’s degree obtained in one year is not considered a full-fledged master’s degree because of its short duration.


The head of the organizational unit determines the fee. The fee must be paid regardless of the outcome of the recognition procedure. 

In case the applicant is experiencing financial difficulties, the head of the council conducting nostrification may, at the applicant’s request, reduce or waive the fee altogether.