Last update: 20 April, 2016

Long Night of Museums in Wroclaw 2016 [PROGRAMME]



This year’s Long Night of the Museums falls on 14 May. This annual festival draws thousands of visitors to Wroclaw museums, galleries or meeting places. Plan your day in advance to make the most of the night’s offer.

Last year’s Long Night of the Museums was organised by ca. 80various institutions, which were visited by ca. 100 thousand guests. Some venues were open early in the morning and closed well after midnight or on the Sunday morning.

This year is likely to be just as good. Over 80 institutions have joined this year’s edition: museums, galleries, cafés, schools. Many of them have come up with special events such as workshops, previews, screenings or lectures.

The Long Night of the Museums is a wake-up call for you to see “Seven Miracles of Wroclaw” at the Town Hall. Feel free to visit the National Museum to attend a meeting with fashion from the 1960s and 1970s and a preview of the exhibition “Modna i już! Moda PRL” [All the Rage! Fashion in Communist Poland].

As usual, the Museum of Pharmacy invites to their alchemical laboratory in medieval cellars, the interior of a Renaissance pharmacy, a pharmaceutical office on the first floor and the rooms on the second floor devoted to the development of chemistry and synthetic medicines. The Long Night of the Museums brings a variety of débuts. One of such features is the collection of archive photographs representing the convent of the School Sisters of Notre Dame and the environmentally friendly garden. The basement of the building features the remains of the walls that were one the Duke’s Castle, which dates back to 12th–13th century and is one of the earliest traces of the Piast dynasty in the area.

Extremely promising is a project called “17 Meridian”, which follows the meridian and the locations it dissects, including Wroclaw Horse Racing Track “Partynice”, Śląsk Wroclaw Stadium, Gajowickie Hill (Górka Pafawag) or Millenium Bridge… These and many more outdoor events, including visits to Wroclaw fortifications and the Oder Museum, are waiting for you on the night.

For children

Families with children are also in for a wealth of attractions. Those of you who have not visitedHumanitarium or Hydropolis can join free workshops and tours. Please remember to consult the programme: you need to register for the workshops, and there are only few places available.

Children will find out more about the games they could play in country estates and what spinners are if they visit the newly opened Pan Tadeusz Museum. They can also choose something more artsy at the Painting Festival held at the Academy of Fine Arts. As usual, children can also enjoy special features at the National Museum, Museum of Mineralogy, Museum of Post and Telecommunications and Geological Museum.

The Long Night of the Museums

The Long Night of the Museums was first organised in Berlin in 1997. Only four years later, the event expanded to the whole of Europe and is now held in as many as 120 European cities. Museums, galleries and cultural institutions open their gates to visitors free of charge at the their weekend of May. The event is held under the auspices of the Council of Europe.

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