Last update: 3 March, 2017



A foreigner should have an invitation while crossing the border

Attention: Even with an invitation a foreigner needs to file a visa application.

The inviting entity must file an invitation with the apropriate voivode.

Who can invite a foreigner?

  • A Polish citizen living in Poland;

  • The citizen of another EU state, Norway, Iceland, Lichtenstein or Switzerland with the right to reside in Poland.

  • Any other foreigner who has been continuously residing in Poland for at least five years
    – a foreigner with  a permit to settle
    – a foreigner with a long-term EU residency permit;

  • A legal entity, e.g. Company

Important: The inviting parties might be called in for an interview with the visa processing authorities.

What an invitation should contain: 

  • Personal data of the inviting party (last and first name, date and place of birth, citizenship, residence address, profession, ID or REGON number);

  • Personal data of the invited person and family members (same as above + relationship to the inviting party);

  • A written commitment to cover the foreigners’ living, return and healthcare costs if necessary;

  • Indication of the place of residence of the foreigner;

  • Duration and purpose of visit;

  • The name of the institution where the invitation is submitted (usually the Office for Foreigners in the voivodeship office);

  • Invitation date and number;

  • Signature of the inviting party.


When registering an invitation, the inviting party must also file: 

  • the relevant invitation form [AVAILABLE HERE]

  • a commitment to incur costs associated with foreigner’s  housing, medical care, return from Poland;

  • documentation attesting to the right to the residence where a foreigner will be accommodated (or proof of accommodation elsewhere);

  • proof of payment of tax duty (27 PLN).

    How long is it valid: 1 year after it has been registered

The voivode has the right to reject an application for registration of an invitation.

The applicant may appeal against such a decision within 14 days since the reception of negative decision before the director of the Office for Foreigners. An applicant can also appeal against the decision of the director of the Office for Foreigners. In order to do so, he must file an appeal with the administrative court, within 30 days from receiving the negative decision.