Last update: 3 February, 2016

How to call the fire brigade

When during the time that you are calling 998 and before the operator answers the phone, you decide that there is no longer any need to call 998, do not hang up, wait until the operator answers and explain him the whole situation. In other case, the fire brigade will be sent to the place from which you called 998, which will be the result why the fire brigadewon’t have any chance to react to the potential case of real threat to life in any other place. In addition, such a behavior may be regarded as a false alarm and may be punished.

  • Try to keep calm and speak deliberately . The fire brigade will be operating based on information received from you to get to the place of accident as quickly as it is possible and give the necessary aid.
  • Give your name, surname, phone number, address in Poland . Address or the place where you are during making a call is a very important information – the aid won’t be possible when the fire brigade won’t have any information about the place where you are.
  • Quickly and deliberately describe the problem. The operator may ask you questions if your life is in danger or if the accident is still happening

  • Describe your appearance, especially what you are wearing during making a call to enable the fire brigade that will arrive to the place of accident be sure that they arrived to the right person..
  • Listen to the operator, answer his question and fallow the instructions he gives you. Don’t hang up until he tells you that you can do it.