Last update: 3 February, 2016

Emergency number

Emergency services answer hundreds of calls each day – everything from found property to attempted murder. Obviously, they must respond more quickly when a life is in a danger than when only property is threatened. They have limited resources and must work numerous calls simultaneously. They prioritize calls. Prioritization helps them effectively and efficiently use those resources.

Emergency services’ policy is to respond to All 112* hang up calls. If you change your mind about needing assistance, stay on the line and explain that to the 112* Call Taker. Otherwise, an officer will be dispatched to your location to ensure that you are safe. Calling 112* when you do not need an officer puts those who need emergency assistance in danger and puts you in danger of being prosecuted for making a false report.

  • Try to stay calm and speak clearly. Emergency units (police, fire or ambulance) rely on the information you give to get to you as soon as possible and to be able to help you. When the 112* Call Taker redirect your phone call to the police it’s very important stay on the line until you can hear When the 997 Call Taker (from The Police) – when you are  waiting  the electronic system is searching for the free dispatcher from police.
  • Give your name and surname, phone number and address in Poland. Your address (or a place where you are/ a scene of crime ) is vital information. We cannot help you if we don’t know where you are.
  • Quickly and briefly describe your problem. As soon as we know you need, we will know who (police car, ambulance or fire truck)  to send to help you. Get to the point as soon as possible. The 112* Call Taker can ask you for information about that your life is in a danger, or how many offenders are in a crime scene, what they look like, or a criminal act is in  progress
  • Describe yourself. Tell the 112* Call Taker where you are and what you look like, including what you are wearing.  We want officers who are arriving on the scene to know who they can contact and that you are not the suspect.

Listen to the 112* Call Taker. Answer their questions and follow any instructions. Remain on the line until the 112* Call Taker says it is okay for you to hang up.

* the 112* Call Taker or other: 997 Police or 998 Fire department  or 999 Ambulance


Additional information from you is sent to officers either by radio or computer.