Last update: 9 February, 2016

How we work?

In the office, we usually help with the formal aspects that require filling some documents. Due to the complexity of the subject matter the consultancy lasts usually from 15 till 45 minutes. To avoid waiting in line, we recommend scheduling an appointment.

If you call us before or after office hours, there is a possibility to leave your inquiry on the answering machine. Our line is available at all times. We are encouraging to call us withing our working hours, in case of our team being occupied consulting other clients, we surely call back.

We encourage our clients to contact us via e-mail, as it is the most efficient way and the time of solving issues is the shortest. After sending an e-mail, each person gets an automatic reply informing the he/she will be answered within maximum three business days.

On average, once a month we organize trainings regarding issues that foreigners and expats address us with the most. Recently it has been a series of lectures in Russian concerning temporary residence permit, legal work in Poland and dealing with other formalities conncected with moving to Poland and to Wrocław.

Temporary and permanent residence permit, work permit, labor market test, NIP, PESEL, REGON, registration of a company or a foundation, registration of residence, public transport card, telephone and Internet contracts, opening a bank account, finding appropriate apartment or a school – currently there are the main subjects of our consultancy.

Sometimes it is enough to redirect someone to a suitable person in a given organization unit of Wrocław commune or other public institution. Our support is often basen on advising what documents need to be filled and helping filling them out. In needed, we call on behalf of a foreigner and offer our help in translating.

Sometimes we even go along with a foreigner to an institution in order to help him/her to communicate with a clerk.

We are never a party in litigation, we do not hold power of attorney and we do not advise optimal formal and legal solutions. We only show the rights and obligations of foreigners and employers. We answer “HOW” questions – for example ” How can I get a temporary residence permit in Poland?”