Last update: 26 July, 2016

Wrocław na językach świata

Project of the Municipality of Wroclaw, implemented by the Wroclaw Center for Integration – ‘Wrocław na językach świata’ – is a response to the needs of the Wrocław’s community, who wants to know and understand their neighbors, coming from different countries, and also for foreigners who want to understand Poles and get to know their culture.


The aims of the campaign are:


  • To support foreigners living in Wroclaw in learning Polish language,
  • To increase linguistic competence allowing foreigners to benefit from the vast cultural and social offer of Wroclaw and enabling them to participate in the active life of the local community,
  • To involve inhabitants of Wrocław in the process of social integration of foreigners living in Wroclaw.

Tandem partnership


We would like to invite Volunteers (citizens of Wrocław) and participants (foreigners), for meetings in pairs, held on the basis of tandem partnership. Interested persons shall report via the registration form. With the use of online registry of Volunteers and Participants, both sides are able to search for learning partners , and to adjust the time and place of meetings. We provide Volunteers with teaching materials. All activities are free of charge.


Two is a crowd? Not for us!


If you would like to meet and study in larger groups, just contact us. Please include information on the number of people, time and place of meetings, so that we can adapt the course to the needs of a larger group.