Last update: 6 December, 2017

The project of the Wroclaw Strategy for Intercultural Dialogue

The Mayor of Wrocław presented the draft of the Wroclaw Strategy for Intercultural Dialogue. Persons wishing to know its details and express their opinion are invited to participate in Open Days of the Strategy.

The strategy arose from a social need, work on its creation was initiated by the President of Wroclaw. The Strategy’s project concerns activities aimed at building a harmonious cooperation and a community consisting of all residents of Wroclaw, irrespective of their national, ethnic, or religious origin and language.

The strategy aims to integrate the activities carried out by municipal units in the framework of intercultural dialogue and to indicate the areas of cooperation with all entities active in this regard in Wroclaw.

The presented project of the Wrocław Strategy for Intercultural Dialogue was based on a participatory model. Over the last 10 months, meetings, consultations and forums took place, thanks to which both the opinions of representatives of public services and non-governmental organizations, universities, business representatives, organizations associating national and ethnic minorities, representatives of churches and religious associations, as well as foreigners, specialists and practitioners working for intercultural dialogue in Wroclaw were gathered..

The planned date of adoption of the Strategy is January 2018.

Willing people, who have not yet participated in forums and previous meetings can take part in Open Days of the Strategy, during which we will present its assumptions and answer the questions.

December 11 Open Day of the Strategy – individual meetings at 10-17:00at the Wroclaw Center for Social Development , Plac Dominikański 6, 50-159 Wrocław

December 12 Open Strategy Day – presentation and general meeting at 17-18:30 at the Wroclaw Center for Social Development, Plac Dominikański 6, 50-159 Wrocław

From November 27 to December 20 2017, information and questions can also be directed via:

an email:

mail to the following address: Wrocławskie Centrum Rozwoju Społecznego, Plac Dominikański 6, 50-159 Wrocław, with the note: “Strategia Dialogu Międzykulturowego”