The project of the Wroclaw Strategy for Intercultural Dialogue

The Mayor of Wrocław presented the draft of the Wroclaw Strategy for Intercultural Dialogue. Persons wishing to know its details and express their opinion are invited to participate in Open Days of the Strategy. The strategy arose from a social need, work on its creation was initiated by the President of Wroclaw. The Strategy’s project concerns activities aimed at building […]

Psychological support in foreign languages

Family clinics in Wrocław

Pedagogical and psychological support for your children

 Children of foreigners living in Wroclaw, that don’t speak Polish language, will be served with pedagogical and psychological support in PPP1 Psychological Centre) by a psychologist  and a pedagogue. Detailed information available at: 71 798 68 23 ( 142,143)  

Foreigners in Wrocław

Magical snow from Wrocław

Peri has two passions. One is his academic pursuits, or IT that he studies at the Wroclaw University of Technology. The other is writing speculative fiction for children. His latest work, which you can buy as an e-book at Amazon, is set in Wroclaw. The book is now being translated into Polish. Peri has published several novels, each of which […]