Last update: 5 February, 2016

Documents required to exchange foreign driver’s licence

In order to obtain Polish driver’s licence on the basis of exchange, the foreign licence must be handed over.


Written application for exchanging a driver’s licence issued by a country participating in Convention on Road Traffic

Proof of paying the fee for the exchange of a driver’s licence issued by a country participating in Convention on Road Traffic

one photograph, dimentions 3,5×4,5 cm, without headgear or dark glasses, The photograph should show a left semi-profile with the left ear visible; the face should be evenly illuminated

Photocopy of driver’s licence

Translation of the driver’s licence prepared by a sworn translator

foreign applicant should present his Residence Card to the desk officer



  • 100 zł – for exchanging driver’s licence issued abroad by a country participating in Convention on Road Traffic
  • 0,50 zł – a fee for issuing a document stating bearer’s right to drive a vehicle

Fees can be paid at the cashier’s desk or by transfer to the bank account.


Important! The document can be exchanged only after presenting a proof of paying fees.

Time of waiting for the response: up to 1 month.



A person can have only one valid driver’s licence

If a foreign driver’s licence contains any information about it’s validity limitations, limitations due to holder’s medical condition etc., they must be transfered into the new document

In case of driver’s licences issued in accordance with EU’s standards their translation to Polish isn’t required



Wniosek o wydanie/wymiane prawa jazdy  170.35 KB

Check which countries are party to the Convention on Road Traffic         153.6 KB


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